The Complete Guide to Colombia's Spanish Schools

Spanish courses by the beach, in the city or in the Colombian countryside?
The Complete Guide to Colombia's Spanish Schools

For many years, Colombia was not a destination that you'd really considered going to if you wanted to study Spanish. Not so anymore. Nowadays, more and more foreigners are making the trip to this South American country in order to perfect their language skills.

As a result, throughout the country, the number of schools, institutes and private teachers offering Spanish tuition has expanded dramatically, in order to meet the higher demand. In other words, if you're planning to go and study in Colombia you will not be short of people willing to teach you.

Of the various options available, the general rule is that longer and more formalised courses tend to be taught within universities or language institutes. These are better if you’re serious about improving quickly.

If you’re just passing through Colombia and want to learn a bit of Spanish to make life easier as you get around, you might want to investigate the various online Spanish learning tools, or look into getting a private classes or two. Some backpacker hostels even run Spanish schools on site, so you won't have to venture too far from the dorm room.

Aside from the type of tuition you're after, you’ll also need to decide what part of the country you want to use as your base. I have my own ideas about which is the best place to study, but you may wish to also ask our community of Colombian Spanish lovers for their recommendations.

The aim here is to help you research which of the various options and locations might work best for your travel plans, studying requirements and budget. To that end, I’ve outlined below all of Colombia's major Spanish study destinations and schools, for you to examine further at your own pace.

The Spanish your textbook didn't teach you

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Spanish Schools in Bogota

Bogota is Colombia’s capital and its largest city. The weather isn’t the greatest, but some like studying here because it has all the trappings you’d expect of a big urban centre: plenty of places to eat, shop, drink and dance.

It is also home to the country’s largest concentration of expat staff, English teachers, volunteers, and long-term backpackers. The higher number of foreigners means that there is more demand for Spanish tuition and plenty of establishments have sprung up to meet it.

Universidad del Rosario – ELE

Our programme seeks to further foreigners' Spanish learning through flexible courses that allow participants to develop their linguistic skills by interacting in real life contexts and social and cultural activities. The programme is designed for exchange students, foreigners interested in learning Spanish in an immersive context and foreigners resident in Colombia that are looking to improve or perfect their Spanish skills.

Universidad EAN

EAN is the first Colombian University to gain international accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) for its business programmes. The university's flexible education model allows business professionals, who have limited spare time, to rapidly take Spanish courses and quickly acquire the necessary vocabulary, and cultural and linguistic tools needed to effectively and efficiently carry out business tasks.

Universidad de la Sabana

The Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures offers a high quality Spanish Program to foreigners living in Colombia. School students, university and college students, young people, adults, professionals and executives will find our courses their best option to improve communicative competences in the language and will have the opportunity to learn about the Colombian and Latin American culture. All Spanish courses are complemented with a great variety of cultural activities and extracurricular courses that enrich the experience. Participants are also offered flexibility in the number of weeks they want to study and the starting date of the course. Classes start every week on Monday.

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Class activities, individual study and the contents of the educational materials contribute to the development of the four linguistic skills (speaking, understanding the spoken text, reading, and writing) as well as to the achievement of the course objectives. Since we receive students of different nationalities who speak different languages, Spanish is the only language used in the classroom. Cultural outings and the participation in social activities are an essential part of all our courses. These give the students the opportunity to have first-hand experiences related to the Colombian culture as well as the chance to develop their linguistic and socio-cultural competences. These activities take place in and out of the city, as well as at the University.

Universidad Externado de Colombia – Centro de Español para Extranjeros

Stressing the inter-relatedness of competency and broad cultural literacy, the courses are designed to provide non-native speakers essential tools to develop and improve their communicative skills in Spanish and also to promote better understanding of Latin American cultural heritage and the current context of Colombia. CEPEX offers students several choices: intensive and semi-intensive educational modalities, group and private courses, as well as the opportunity to attend seminars and lectures in the Faculty of Finance, Government and International Relations. Additional benefits include as small groups, thematic versatility and full 60 minute academic hours.

Universidad Central

Classes designed for foreign people willing to learn or improve their proficiency level in Spanish as a foreign language. Courses last 144 hours per level, over a period of 14 weeks. Classes are held on Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 m. or from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Universidad de los Andes

The programme seeks to help students develop and strengthen their communicative skills while at the same time involving them in a critical reflection of the social and cultural practices of a multilingual and multicultural country like Colombia. Our programme offers various modes of study such as: semester, summer, intensive and private courses for groups and business people. Students can also participate, in accordance with their level of Spanish, in the courses offered by the University on a variety of academic subjects.

Universidad Sergio Arboleda

This course is intended to develop communicative skills at three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. We apply a communicative approach teaching in the class-room, together with homework exercises and projects to use what students have learned in class for them to be able to naturally communicate outside the classroom and fulfill their real communicative needs. Teaching is highly personalized as class-size is small. We also plan monthly cultural activities, such as visits to museums or other sites of interest, for students to put into practice what they have learned in class and have a meaningful learning experience.

Universidad del Rosario

This course aims to provide participants the opportunity to become familiar with the Spanish language in communicative contexts and to explore ways of working in basic interactions, and particularly in the academic context. In addition, classes will provide the opportunity to develop the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), emphasising production and listening comprehension as well as in the analysis and interpretation of academic texts.

International House Bogota

Our intensive Spanish courses are 20 hours per week in groups with a maximum of 8 students. The courses are offered at all levels and students will be able to stay for as many weeks as they like. If you already have some knowledge of Spanish, you can start any Monday. The course price includes booking, the pre-course level test, our programme of social and cultural activities (if taking place in the school) and access to all the school's facilities, including free internet usage.

Learn More Than Spanish

You will learn extremely quickly with our highly-attentive style – our classrooms are designed for only 2 students per teacher. And we’ll provide all the materials that you need. We are situated in a great location close to the most prestigious shopping and entertainment streets in Bogota, well-served by public transportation and surrounded by proven accommodation options. Our roof terrace provides an opportunity to take a short break from the classes and to take in the views of Bogota. Twice a week our certified guides can take you to interesting places around Bogotá where you can practice Spanish with locals in a safe and friendly environment. These activities are free.

Nueva Lengua – Escuela de Español

Our Spanish courses are structured to provide ample opportunities to enjoy the culture and spirit of Bogota. We will put your mind at ease with assistance in finding suitable accommodation, transfers to the airport, insurance, and more. All of this helps to ensure you will have an unforgettable experience learning Spanish. We offer Spanish courses for students, professionals and families; as well as specialized Spanish courses (in business, medicine, etc). All of our Spanish teachers are required to have accredited degrees in teaching, which includes at minimum 5 years of study, in addition to previous experience in the classroom."

Spanish World Institute

We offer semi intensive courses 20 hours per week, intensive courses 30 hours per week, as well as DELE preparation. Our Spanish courses are carefully structured; classes will include the functions of grammar, reading, oral comprehension, written and oral expression (communication) exercises, as well as cultural activities. Some classes will discuss various aspects of Colombian and Latin American culture and society; students learn the language in the context of our culture.


Motivated by the creative freedom inherent to our profession, but also in prospect of an adequate remuneration as linguistic and cultural mediators, we strive to provide our students with effective tools, fitting their needs and context, to comprehend the Spanish language and to improve their communication skills. Beyond providing guidance on linguistic matters, we are committed to familiarize our students with Latin-American history and culture from another angle, involving them in a critical reflection about ongoing changes in Colombia. ¡Habla español con nosotros! … and be Lenguaricha or Lenguache.

Whee Institute

A non-profit school which aims to pay its teachers a decent wage while making classes affordable for its students. The school doesn't use textbooks and instead tries to incorporate games or other activities into classes to make the learning process fun. Courses are given mainly in the classroom, but at least once a week the class is taken outside in locations, such as museums, gardens, or markets.

Spanish Schools in Medellin

Colombia’s second largest city is smaller, more laid back and warmer than Bogota. Fewer expats live in Medellin as there aren’t as many commercial opportunities than in the capital. However, a steady stream of international students, digital nomads and the gringo party crowd means that there is still a decent selection of Spanish schools and courses out there.

I have my own ideas about which are the best places in Medellin to study, but here's a full list of the available institutions for you to investigate further:

Universidad Pontifica Bolivariana – Centro de Lenguas

The program contains 5 levels: Beginner, High beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Proficient corresponding to the CEFR reference levels A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1. Each level includes class hours, academic tutoring hours with our pre-service teachers, and independent work. You can take 10 hours per week (semi-intensive course) or 20 hours per week (intensive course). New students may join group classes only on Mondays, as far as the conditions of the currently enrolled students allow. Minimum enrollment required is 20 hours.

EAFIT University - Centro de Idiomas

The Spanish as a Foreign Language Program at Universidad EAFIT in Medellin is a comprehensive program for Spanish language acquisition, allowing students to develop their language communication skills effectively. It is the first Spanish as a Foreign Language Program in Colombia to be certified by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes. The learning experience is ensured through:​ Classes that are taught based on effective and proper communication in small groups with highly qualified teachers; A conversation partner in order to access a more colloquial level of Spanish; The possibility to attend classes in the University's undergraduate programs. Cultural activities are offered daily throughout the campus for greater language immersion.​"

Centro Interactivo de Español (Envigado)

Centro Interactivo de Español is the only Spanish school in Colombia that offers you a complete experience of culture, fun and tourism, mixed with Spanish learning. Our Spanish courses have been designed under our interactive method that accelerate and facilitate the natural learning of a new language, mixed with a most enjoyable experience full of culture, adventure and tourism to give you all our diversity with the most neutral Spanish of Latin America. We have different options for students, professionals and families. All of our Spanish teachers are required to have accredited degrees in teaching, which includes a minimum 5 years of study (including degree), in addition to previous experience in the classroom."

Colombia Immersion (Envigado / Laureles)

We give you dynamic and effective Spanish immersion so you can get more out of your travels. The way we teach is fun, engaging, and will have you speaking Spanish in no time. Our community activities creatively connect you to locals and the real Medellin. We strive to be Latin America’s most innovative language learning program."

Total Spanish

At Total Spanish we pride ourselves on providing dynamic interactive lessons that help students get the most out their learning experience in the shortest time possible. Students learn through traditional classroom methods, active participation and authentic cultural experiences that enable them to fully immerse, learn and gain the confidence to speak Spanish in public. We have qualified language tutors and a fun curriculum based on the CEFR standard but tailored for people travelling so that they learn more relevant topics. Classes start weekly at all levels and at Total Spanish we are committed to providing a relaxed friendly learning environment and quality tuition. Free activities, WiFi and coffee all included!

Nueva Lengua – Escuela de Español

Our Spanish courses are structured to provide ample opportunities to enjoy the culture and spirit of Medellin. We will put your mind at ease with assistance in finding suitable accommodation, transfers to the airport, insurance, and more. All of this helps to ensure you will have an unforgettable experience learning Spanish. We offer Spanish courses for students, professionals and families; as well as specialized Spanish courses (in business, medicine, etc). All of our Spanish teachers are required to have accredited degrees in teaching, which includes at minimum 5 years of study, in addition to previous experience in the classroom."

Toucan Spanish School

Our Medellin flagship school is the largest Spanish School in Colombia with a total of 14 classrooms and a team of 20 teachers available to teach both group and private lessons. Because we’re a large school we have classes at all levels from beginners to advanced. Classes start every Monday. We don’t teach from books, we have our own in house curriculum with a large emphasis on practicing in real-life situations. Most of our classrooms feature air-conditioning and video projectors. Toucan’s philosophy is not just about teaching Spanish, it’s about create memorable experiences. That’s why our staff and teachers go out of their way to ensure you get the most out of your time in Colombia."

Black Sheep Hostel – Spanish School

a Colombian / New Zealand owned Spanish Language School that offers non-native Spanish speakers an entertaining place to interact with skillful teachers and other students, the Colombian culture and people in a friendly and safe environment. We offer the best prices in town and offer the most flexibility. You chose your own start times and we fit around your schedule. You can take one hour of classes and if not satisfied you can end it at that. We use a wide range of original material and also many universally recommended Spanish Language grammar and help books.​"

ABC Spanish School Medellin

ABC Spanish School is a professional Spanish school, located in the heart of Medellin's Laureles district - a prestigious, authentic, modern and dynamic area of the city. The teachers, Diego and Angela, together have over 20 years' experience of teaching Spanish and guarantee that their students will learn a natural sounding and correct Spanish in a relaxed and professional atmosphere.

Eco Hostel Medellin Spanish School

We offer 2 weeks intense Spanish course in a rural Eco Hostel / combined with a full immersion language learning experience in Guatape (just outside Medellin). The course includes: 2 weeks intensive Spanish of 2 hours teaching per day (Monday-Thursday); accommodation in one of the sleeping areas sharing with other students; and three meals a day (fully vegetarian). The local diet is heavy on rice, beans, chickpeas, lentils, potatoes, yucca (casaba), plantains, corn, and plenty of vegetables."

Spanish Adventure School (San Carlos, near Guatapé)

Learning a new language requires learning a new way of thinking - sticking to well-trodden tourist routes presents you with an artificial view of a country's culture. Here at Spanish Adventure, you can immerse yourself in authentic Colombian life, while applying your Spanish, interacting with friendly locals, and getting a genuine experience. San Carlos is a quaint, small town, in the mountains near Guatapé - only 3 hours away from Medellín. The town is surrounded by breathtaking nature, full of hikes, rivers, and over a hundred waterfalls with crystal clear water where you can swim, relax, and practice your Spanish. In addition, Spanish Adventure presents you with an innovative and creative method of learning Spanish. Not only are classes interactive and dynamic, but we are also flexible, catering to each student's individual needs. Come join us in San Carlos, you won't regret it!

Spanish Schools in Cartagena

Cartagena is the number one destination in Colombia for Spanish students who want to go to class in the morning, before heading to the beach in the afternoon. Nightlife is not as good here as in Bogota, Medellin or Cali, but you might not care too much about that if you’re happy enough chilling by the sea.

Cartagena’s main centers for Spanish learning include:

Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar

Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar is Cartagena’s highest ranking private university, offering programs in Engineering, Economic and Administrative Sciences, and in the Humanities. It has numerous partnership agreements with top national and international universities. Additionally, its language center is Cartagena’s only academic institution accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, the world’s leading organization responsible for promoting the study and teaching of Spanish language and culture. We have created the Spanish and Cultural Immersion Course for students who want to learn Spanish while gaining a deeper understanding of Cartagena’s rich culture and history.

Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano - Caribe

We teach our class sessions with quality, dynamism and multiculturalism. Our groups have a maximum of 8 students per classroom and every lesson lasts 50 minutes. Courses are designed so that students develop their Communication Skills, defined as “the sum of knowledge, skills and individual characteristics that allow a person to perform actions”. This will allow the student to function effectively in the different contexts of everyday life. The course includes group lessons of 20 lessons per week, Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 12:40pm.

Babel International Language Institute

BABEL International Language Institute Cartagena offers a prime location in the heart of the walled city of Cartagena. The school has a large common area for students, with access to a library, computers, Wi-Fi, water and coffee. On the top floor there are terraces with an excellent view of the wall, the Castle of San Felipe, the Cerro de la Popa, domes of churches and the beautiful nearby rooftops. At the school, you'll find all the information on cultural, tourist and adventure activities, as well as advice on what to do in the city and its surroundings.

Enforex’s Cartagena Spanish School

Enforex’s Cartagena Spanish school sits on a truly privileged location. Close to the “Ciudad Vieja”, the city’s charming and fascinating old town, your classes will be set in surroundings that will help you put the cultural aspects of the city into historic perspective. The school is also close to the beach, which means that after class you can go take a dip in the Caribbean. The school building is fully equipped with modern comforts including internet, a cafeteria… even a garden that is the perfect place for taking a break or studying between classes. In a beautiful city like Cartagena, we couldn’t help but choose a unique location for our school in an area that allows us to offer you quality service. This is an ideal place for you to quickly advance in your Spanish studies while immersed in Spanish-speaking culture."

Centro Catalina – Spanish School

Centro Catalina is even more than a Spanish school; it is also a cultural center in charge of transmitting to students all the historical and traditional riches of this wonderful region. Besides the cultural activities, the school also organizes some recreational activities, look for your accommodation either in host families or apartments as well as transfer from the airport to the hotel. The school proposes several levels of Spanish as well as different Spanish program that will adapt to your needs. The founders of Centro Catalina are from Switzerland all professionals knowing exactly what the foreign students really need. Therefore, they are accurately looking for the excellence maintenance of the best service and quality. The Centro Catalina team is composed by Spanish teachers from Cartagena and they are all highly qualified and motivated. Currently, Centro Catalina is the only school in Cartagena that can propose the preparation for DELE examination."

Nueva Lengua – Escuela de Español

Our Spanish courses are structured to provide ample opportunities to enjoy the culture and spirit of Cartagena. We will put your mind at ease with assistance in finding suitable accommodation, transfers to the airport, insurance, and more. All of this helps to ensure you will have an unforgettable experience learning Spanish. We offer Spanish courses for students, professionals and families; as well as specialized Spanish courses (in business, medicine, etc). All of our Spanish teachers are required to have accredited degrees in teaching, which includes at minimum 5 years of study, in addition to previous experience in the classroom."

Spanish World Institute

We offer semi intensive courses 20 hours per week, intensive courses 30 hours per week, as well as DELE preparation. Our Spanish courses are carefully structured; classes will include the functions of grammar, reading, oral comprehension, written and oral expression (communication) exercises, as well as cultural activities. Some classes will discuss various aspects of Colombian and Latin American culture and society; students learn the language in the context of our culture.

Spanish Schools in Cali

Cali is arguably the world’s capital of salsa music. The city is a popular destination for those language students who are as game for improving their linguistic prowess as they are to strut their funky stuff.

Fewer institutions and companies offer Spanish courses here, but there are still a number of institutions knocking around:

Lingua Viva

We are your go to place to learn Spanish in Cali. With over 25+ years' combined experience as licensed educators that are 100% bilingual, we guarantee that we are fun and dynamic. Our mission is for you to walk away with confidence in your new language skills, based on a thorough understanding of Spanish grammar that will help you feel comfortable in your social interactions, as well as a meaningful use of the language in your daily life; offering a friendly ambience in class and out of it with immersion activities. We also help our students to contact salsa schools, volunteering activities and accommodation in town.

Classes with Leandro @ Iguana Hostel

Hello my name is Leandro - I teach Spanish as a second language. I have six years of experience in teaching, and studying Social Sciences. I worked for two years in Costa Rica, in international school "EF International". Since 2008, I teach spanish classes in Colombia (from Iguana hostel). Classes tailored to your own interests, area or vocabulary you need.

Spanish School - Pelican Larry

With 20 Spanish lessons per week, you’ll make quick progress with your Spanish language skills. All of our school teachers are highly- qualified, experienced and very patient. Classes take place in the mornings, Monday to Friday leaving you plenty of time, free to explore Cali and Valle del Cauca! You can also combine study with salsa dancing lessons to make rapid progress with both.

Villa Migelita - Spanish Immersion School

We are an all inclusive Bed and Breakfast in La Buitrera de Palmira. We offer Spanish immersion for 2 weeks or 4 weeks, including those who have no knowledge of Spanish. Personal instructors who are one on one with our clients while staying in Paradise in the mountains. Wonderful service, food and accommodations.

Spanish Schools in the Coffee Region

Colombia’s coffee region has a fresher climate and luscious landscape. Fewer foreigners stay here for a long while so you’ll probably meet more Colombians if you study Spanish here. Not the best option for fans of big cities though; all the cities here resemble large towns rather than bustling metropolises.

Spanish courses in the coffee region are mainly offered in the universities:

Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira

This immersion course in Spanish as a second language is an opportunity for students from different countries to visit Pereira and immerse themselves in the language and environment of Colombia's coffee region. The extraordinary beauty of the Technological University of Pereira, plus the vibrant and entrepreneurial spirit of our people, make the institution an attractive and unique destination in the region; a perfect balance between art, nature, environment, architecture and academia.

Universidad de Caldas (Manizales)

The Spanish for the World Program at Universidad de Caldas is designed for international students interested in communicating in Spanish and offers them the opportunity to achieve language proficiency within a communicative context. Sutdents will find: small groups which guarantees individualised instruction from the teachers; a program that fits the needs of the students; highly qualified teachers with plenty experience in teaching Spanish as a second language; and flexible schedules which fit students’ needs.

Universidad la Gran Colombia Armenia

Universidad La Gran Colombia Sectional Armenia offers "Sperience" - a real Spanish immersion experience that will help you to learn the different skills in an easy way and without altering your holiday or business plans. "Sperience" offers a variety of courses Spanish for everyone, regardless of your current level. It is designed for people who wish to learn the language and enjoy the learning process while sharing with native speakers in a cultural environment.

Spanish Schools in Barranquilla

Barranquilla is another beach city, which is famous throughout the country as being a party town. If you can tear yourself away from the rumba here are a couple of places where you might want to study Spanish:

Universidad del Norte

Part of being a Universidad del Norte student is taking advantage of everything the University and Barranquilla have to offer—culture, athletics, food, academics, and more. And the best is that you will have endless opportunities to meet and interact with native speakers taking part in a wide range of activities. Students can request free one-on-one tutoring with a native Spanish speaker. They will as well be offered the opportunity to be part of a Spanish conversation club, a great place to learn commonly used idioms, practice conversation skills and learn all about Latin American culture!"

Universidad Simón Bolívar

Our Spanish programme offers great possibilities to learn, speak and understand the language in authentic communicative situations. To do this, we focus on practicing the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) via regular, intensive courses. We also seek to familiarise students with some cultural aspects of Spanish speaking countries and in particular the Colombian Caribbean, its festivals, music and traditions.

Spanish Schools in Bucaramanga

A mid-sized Colombian city that hasn’t really taken off as a destination for studying Spanish. As such, the number of language schools remains fairly limited:

Universidad Santo Tomás de Bucaramanga

The Spanish course at the Santo Tomas University, Bucaramanga branch, is designed to help foreigners interact and communicate effectively with Spanish speakers. We encourage social integration among the participants themselves and with native speakers, in order to foster intercultural communication and the appreciation of other cultures, especially the Hispanic one. The programme is designed for students over 17 years without any language pre-requisites.

Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga UNAB

Course for foreigners and aimed at strengthening communication skills in Spanish as a foreign language through social and cultural activities. The methodology used is the communicative approach that allows the development of the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing through activities in real context with special emphasis on the cultural component and fluency."

Spanish Schools in San Gil

San Gil is principally a destination for adventure tourism which lies towards the Venezuelan border. If you decide to stay here a while, here’s one school where you can improve your Spanish:

Centro de Idiomas Connect4:

Advantages of studying at Connect 4 include: 1) Courses geared towards traveling and making friends; 2) Qualified experienced teachers with great conversational skills and fun methodology; 3) Well organized material to keep practicing; 4) Great value for money in Colombia; 5) Recommended in the Lonely Planet; and 6) Central location.

Spanish Schools in Leticia, Amazonas

Located as it is in Colombia's heavily forested Amazonas department, Leticia does not offer a wide variety of places to study Spanish. You'd be unlikely to stay for months on end in this small humid city, but it could be a great place to have as a base if you want to combine studying with some serious jungle exploration adventures.

Amazon Spanish College (Leticia)

The College offers highly personalized courses of one to three weeks, starting each Monday throughout the year. Besides the standard and intensive courses we offer the possibility of combining your Spanish lessons with Amazonian studies, Brazilian and Colombian dances or visits to natural reserves. We also have volunteer and training programs which provide a great opportunity to interact with locals and practice your new Spanish skills. The standard Spanish classes are held in the mornings, leaving the afternoons free for exploration or participation in the college’s free cultural activities such as Amazonian handcraft, Colombian cooking and visits to local communities.

Spanish Schools in Socorro

EHE Spanish School

The perfect place to improve your Spanish in a short period of time as you can mingle easily with locals, and become fully immersed in your target language. We offer a family environment where daily interaction improves the rate of learning Spanish. We want you to feel comfortable, not just a place to learn Spanish. Our teachers and staff are so kind, dynamic and knowledgeable and the EHE atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. We offer Spanish classes for small groups of no more than 5 students, and you will also have a one-on-one class to provide you with the ultimate learning experience. We also offer cultural activities to allow you to practice your language skills and take advantage of Colombian culture, cuisine and daily life.

Note: The aim is for this directory to be as complete as possible. If you work for / have studied at school not included above, then please drop me a line at [email protected] and I’ll add it to the list.