Spanish for Colombia

A unique six-week course that teaches you the Spanish necessary to make friends, have fun, date and get the most out of your time in Colombia.
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Why take this course?

Whether you’re planning on staying in Colombia, or seeking to improve your relationship with a Colombian partner or family member, mastering the local language and culture is essential.

In this course, you’ll learn how to start understanding and speaking the Spanish that Colombians really use in their everyday conversations. Get the very most out of your Colombia experience by leaving behind that overly formal textbook-style Spanish, and learn to start speaking like a local.

Spanish that’ll win the locals over

With the assistance of Spanish teachers from across Colombia, I'll cover the exact language and phrases you'll need for:

  • Sparking up conversation and socializing.
  • Going out with friends and chatting on social media.
  • Dating and relationships with a Colombian.
  • Spicing up your speech with popular local sayings, curse words, funny expressions and the most useful colombianismos.

Along the way, you'll also get a better understanding of the Colombian culture and mindset - vital to truly becoming fluent.

Six weeks to success

You’ll learn all this via an engaging, exciting and extensive mix of lesson types, with daily tasks (10-15m) to complete during the first six weeks of this course. There are also plenty of quizzes and exercises to test your progress, and get you using the words and phrases you've learned.

Constant support

You’ll begin your learning journey at the same time as a group of other Colombian Spanish enthusiasts, benefiting from daily study prompts, community support and extra language learning tips via a dedicated Facebook group. You’ll also get personalized support and feedback throughout, as well as access to instructor help whenever you need it.

Course Instructor

Peter Low

Hi there! I first arrived in Colombia in 2007, speaking next to no Spanish. Years of (painful) study later, and I now work as a professional Spanish translator, journalist and online language teacher. I’ll be your guide through the tips and tricks that I wish had been available to me earlier in my Spanish-learning journey.

Expert help

During the course, you’ll also learn from exclusive interviews and video contributions by teachers from Colombia’s top language schools schools in Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena and more.

  • Andrea
    Colombia Immersion
  • Andres
    Centro Catalina
  • Eduardo
    Centro Catalina
  • Jesus
    Nueva Lengua
  • Lucia
    Nueva Lengua
  • Merly
    Colombia Immersion
  • Violet
    Social Spanish

Bonus materials to boost your learning

The 230-page Colombian Spanish eBook

The perfect companion to the video course, this eBook contains everything I've learnt from years of living in Colombia. It's ten chapters full of the Spanish really spoken there, plus detailed contextual and cultural notes to help you make sense of it all.

Comes in ePub, Amazon Kindle and PDF formats.

What customers say about the Colombian Spanish eBook

  • A goldmine of Colombian Spanish…genuinely designed to help you integrate more naturally as a 'gringo'Anthony
  • Fantastic for someone trying to take their Spanish fluency to the next level, and even better for someone hoping to practice Spanish in Colombia or with ColombiansAndy
  • A highly detailed and accurate look at Colombian Spanish...highly recommended for any travelers who want to seamlessly blend in with the
  • If there was ever a perfect resource for Spanish language learners coming to Colombia, [the Colombian Spanish eBook] is it.
  • I highly recommend it. You’ll see immediate significant improvements in your ability to speak with native ColombiansJim
  • I definitely recommend it to anyone who already has a solid base in Spanish and wants to customize their speaking to be truly Colombian.Nik
  • Witty and interesting, it is a great tool...that will have you sounding less like a dubbed movie and more like a
  • It is perfect for anyone who wants to understand the popular language in our country.Laura

More than 850 printable flashcards

These ready-made flashcards will help you commit to memory all the new terms and phrases you’ll be learning throughout the course. Print them out at your convenience, or use our online flashcard learning environment with games, quizzes and sound files all built in.

The eBook and flashcards are provided free to all course students

With you every step of the way

I’m here to help at any time for your questions about how a particular word is used, how to translate a given phrase, or near enough anything about life as a foreigner in Colombia.

Learn the Spanish your textbook didn't teach you

In six detailed study modules, you'll learn hundreds of the most useful words, phrases and expressions that you’ll hear when talking to Colombians (including both hidden gems from international Spanish and the best colombianismos). After completing the course, you’ll be able to speak in a more natural and entertaining way, and participate more easily in local conversations about essential subjects that are rarely covered elsewhere. As an added bonus, you’ll also gain a much better understanding of Colombian culture and society - a hugely important aspect of true language fluency.

  • 1An introduction to Colombian Spanish

    Here, I’ll introduce you to the Colombian accent and to some of the most quintessentially Colombian words and phrases you’ll hear within minutes of talking to Colombians. I’ll also talk you through some excellent free resources and proven study techniques to boost your language skills rapidly.

    Module Details
    • Bienvenidos al curso!
    • Colombian Spanish survival guide
    • Where to go for (free) help
    • Essentials of Colombian slang
    • Accents from across Colombia
    • Study techniques that got me to fluency
  • 2The art of Colombian small talk

    To get conversations really going you’ll know need to a whole load more phrases than hola, ¿cómo estás?. Avoid those awkward silences, and impress the locals, with the expressions to start, maintain and wind down Spanish small talk interactions.

    Module Details
    • Top ways to greet strangers
    • Fun ways to say 'hi' to your friends
    • Further Colombianising your greetings
    • How to avoid awkward silences
    • The culture of excessive greetings
    • Starting and sustaining conversation
    • The perfect Colombian goodbye
    • Small talk conversation
  • 3Killing off gringo-isms

    Iron out the errors that you don’t know you’re making; replace clunky, foreign-sounding literal translations of English expressions with smoother and more streamlined local equivalents.

    Module Details
    • Using 'llevar' when talking about time
    • Colombianising your shopping phrases
    • How to get discounts - Colombia style
    • Colombian alternatives for 'OK' and 'sure'
    • Say goodbye to '¿es posible...?' questions
    • Effortless sentence starters and connectors
    • Killing off gringo-isms
  • 4Partying and social life

    Become the life and soul of Colombian parties, nights out and other social events by mastering the Spanish to make fun things happen and to chat about drinking, dancing and mixing with friends.

    Module Details
    • What's different about Colombians' social lives?
    • How much do you really like your friends?
    • Talking about your social life in Spanish
    • The Spanish for making fun things happen
    • What is a 'parche'?
    • The drunkenness scale
    • Social life and partying in Colombia
    Sample lesson
  • 5The crazy world of Colombian dating

    Learn to navigate the culturally alien world of the Colombian dating scene. Discover what Colombians say when being flirtatious or charming, and how to talk about attractive people and other aspects of your private life with friends.

    Module Details
    • Compliments and terms of endearment
    • Relationship types in Colombia
    • Colombian seduction 101
    • A trip to the motel...
    • A local jokes about dating culture
    • Levels of love in Colombia
  • 6Taking it to the next level

    Sound like you’ve lived among Colombians for years by nailing the trickiest parts of language: making/understanding the local sense of humor, using popular expressions and proverbs perfectly, exaggerating and cursing naturally.

    Module Details
    • When does 'now' actually mean 'now'?
    • Juicy local idioms and proverbs
    Extra lessons coming soon - free update
    • Using diminutives like a pro
    • Exaggerating with ease
    • Colombian cursing: friendly to extreme
    • A touch of Colombian humor

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Course FAQ

  • I've never studied any Spanish before. Is this course for me?
    This course is aimed primarily at people who already know at least the basics of Spanish and works best as a complement to traditional learning resources, such as textbooks, language apps and/or classes. We won't cover Spanish grammar in any depth here, so if you know literally no Spanish then you're probably not quite ready to enroll. That said, detailed explanations and translations of all the terms covered in the course are provided, so you need not know much of the language to benefit from the material. And with unlimited access to all the videos, exercises, interviews and quizzes in the course, you'll be able to keep revisiting the content to gain a better understanding of the language's nuances as your Spanish continues to improve.
  • Why should I learn Spanish from a foreigner? Wouldn’t a native speaker be able to teach me better?
    Local teachers are often fantastic, and that's why I've drafted in a whole bunch to help explain many of the terms in this course. Oddly enough, though, native speakers are at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to creating a course of this kind -- which aims to bridge the gap between the Spanish taught in the classroom and the sort you’ll actually need when talking to Colombians. A foreigner, who has already battled his way through to Spanish fluency in Colombia, is probably better placed to advise others on how to do the same. Between the Colombians' contributions and my own, my aim is to give you the best of both worlds. That is, exposure to the local accent and native speech on the one hand and, on the other, guidance from a foreigner about what parts of the language are most useful and the most likely to get a positive reaction from the locals.
  • Is this just a course on Colombian slang?
    We cover plenty of slang, but the scope of this course is much wider than that. You'll learn many other aspects of becoming conversational in Spanish (such as idioms for socialising, conversation filler words, sentence starters and other language tricks) which are as applicable to the Spanish spoken both within and beyond Colombia's borders. By the end of the course, you’ll be speaking more natural Spanish in general – be that in Colombia or anywhere else in the Spanish speaking world
  • Is ‘Colombian Spanish’ really that different from standard Spanish?
    Colombia’s version of Spanish is, of course, not a separate language from that spoken elsewhere in Latin American and Europe. However, it does contain a good deal of local variations and quirks that you'll absolutely need to understand if you want to gain access into the inner circle of Colombian friendship groups.
  • What if I am unhappy with the course?
    I believe that any Spanish learner who plans on having more than a fleeting interaction with Colombians should sign up for the course as there’s loads of great stuff in here that will definitely make your conversations much more enjoyable. But if, for whatever reason, you later find that the course is not right for you, then never fear. Just write to me within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll give you a full refund right there and then.
  • When does the course start and finish?
    During the first six weeks of the course, you’ll receive daily study prompts and tasks to complete. This part of the programme will begin the day after the enrollment window closes (i.e. on 17th January 2018). However, when you sign up, you’ll gain immediate access to all the course materials, which you can access for as long as you like. Choose to follow the six-week course schedule or, if you prefer, work through the content entirely at your own pace. It’s totally up to you.

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